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How the chat fields agent_num_msgs and user_num_msgs are calculated
Answer ID 10395   |   Last Review Date 11/11/2018

How are the chat fields agent_num_msgs and user_num_msgs calculated?


All supported versions of the Oracle B2C Service product.


The definition of the two chats table fields from the Data Dictionary are as follows:

chats.agent_num_msgs:  The number of times the staff member sent a response message to the customer during the chat session.

chats.user_num_msgs: The number of times the user sent a response message to the agent during the chat session.

The definition states the count includes only responses from either the agent or the end user.  Since the standard greeting message from the agent is not a response to the customer, it is not counted in agent_num_msgs

Additionally, the agent_num_msgs and user_num_msgs fields record the number of blocks of text entered by the agent and end-user, respectively.  For example, if the end-user enters five messages before the agent responds, this would only count as 1 message to be recorded in user_num_msgs.