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Expectations for a Successful Cloud Partnership
Answer ID 10724   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

What can I expect from my investment in Oracle Cloud applications? What does Oracle expect from my organization?


Business Success
Oracle Cloud customers currently engaged with Oracle B2C Service


As an Oracle Cloud customer, you have entered a partnership built around achieving and exceeding your business objectives. We will work together throughout the relationship and want to set the right expectations up front.

As an Oracle Cloud customer, you should expect:

  1. A modern application that will be maintained on a consistent basis with a roadmap of new functionality to be enabled.
  2. A highly available environment on which to run your business.  When there is an incident we will notify you in at timely basis and tell you what went wrong.
  3. A service oriented culture that will work diligently to answer your questions and to solve your issues.
  4. A highly scalable & high performing environment that will allow you to complete your business transactions in an effective manner today and in the future.
  5. A secure environment in which you can trust your data will be protected.

As an Oracle Cloud customer, Oracle expects:

  1. You understand Oracle’s software change and upgrade cycles.  You are prepared adopt new functionality and  test your business process against these changes on a frequent, regular basis.
  2. You will provide your users a  Help Desk, staffed with individuals knowledgeable of your business process and the Oracle application.  Your help desk will manage your issues with Oracle through our support portal.
  3. You will provide named individuals to be applications administrators that are highly skilled in that function.  You will have technical team members that can manage and maintain your integrations to other applications.
  4. You will hire a qualified, experienced System Integrator for a full scope engagement to implement the Oracle application.
  5. You will participate in a joint governance program with Oracle.  You will share changes in your business and we will jointly plan to make sure we area aligned to deliver to your business needs.

We look forward to working closely with you and your organization to optimize your investment in Oracle Cloud!