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Post Transport Impact of Data with Time to Live (TTL) settings
Answer ID 10649   |   Last Review Date 02/11/2020

What do I need to know about data with TTLs set?


Environmental, Migration of all Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) sites, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


Metering data, audit log data, CPM log data, and rule log data within B2C Service all have a defined time to live (TTL), causing it to expire.  The tables below have the listed TTL settings.  By default, data with a specified TTL will not be migrated during a site(s) data center transport.  However, the data will begin upon transport completion being created in the new data center. 

Data with Time to Live settings
Data Type Tables What version of B2C Service was
the TTL introduced?
Default Data Retention
  • papi_meters_cass
  • papi_method_meters_cass
  • php_wrapper_meters_cass
  • sql_signature_meters_cass
17.11 7 days
Audit log for Analytics ac_audit_log_ex 18D 30 days
Audit log for field updates
(contact object only)
field_audit_log_short 19B 30 days
Audit log for business rules 2.0 field_audit_log_long 19D
(Note: Data will be available in
this table starting 20A only.)
365 days
CPM log cpm_log 19C 30 days
Rule log rule_runtime_log 20A 30 days

If you would like data from any of these tables migrated along with your site please submit an SR. (See more information on the Expanded Report Audit Log).