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Viewing a List of Cloud Account Administrators
Answer ID 10614   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

How can I view who my Cloud Account Administrators are?


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Oracle Cloud Account Administrators, My Account Security Page


The My Account Security page lists all the administrators for the current Oracle Cloud account.

  1. Sign into My Account through the Cloud Portal.
  2. Select the Security option (top, left-hand side of screen)
    • The Security page will display a list of the current account administrators.  The account corresponds to an individual, an organization, or a company that is an Oracle customer. An account can have one or more Oracle Cloud services located in one or more identity domains in one or more data centers
  3. Use the Scope menu to filter accounts administrators by identity domain.
  4. Use the Search box to search for a specific account administrator. You must enter the complete email address to return results.

Viewing a List of the Account Administrators Assigned to a Service

To view a list of all the account administrators assigned to a service:

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate service.
  3. Click the service name to open the details page.
  4. Click the Overview tile.
  5. Scroll down the page to view the Additional Information section.

The Account Administrators field lists the email address of each person assigned to monitor this Oracle Cloud service.  A service can have one or more account administrators. If the list is longer than the display area, hover the cursor over the email addresses to view the entire list.

In addition to the list of account administrators, the Additional Information section displays the email address of the authorized buyer. The buyer has an account with Oracle Store. Buyers can purchase cloud services, change an existing paid subscription to a higher level of service, and terminate a paid subscription. Contact the buyer if you need additional services or changes to your current services.