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Restrict SmartAssistant Suggested Solutions to be the same product/category as the request
Answer ID 1053   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

Is there a way to restrict the SmartAssistant suggested solution to be the same product and/or category as the values of the assistance request?


SmartAssistant, Configuration Settings, All versions


Two configuration settings allow you to restrict SmartAssistant suggested solutions to be the same product and/or category as the incident values.

Enabling the SA_SUGGEST_LIMIT_PROD_LVL configuration setting and the SA_SUGGEST_LIMIT_CAT_LVL configuration setting restricts SmartAssistant suggested answers for a particular incident to public answers that have the product/category (and sub-product/sub-category) specified.

The accepted values are:

0 - do not restrict
1 - restrict by product/category submitted
2 - restrict by product/category and first sub-product/sub-category submitted
3 - restrict by product/category and first two sub-products/sub-categories submitted
4 - restrict by product/category and first three sub-products/sub-categories submitted
5 - restrict by product/category and first four sub-products/sub-categories submitted
6 - restrict by all levels of product/category submitted

Default value is 0.

Note:  If SA_SUGGEST_PROD_LVL or SA_SUGGEST_CAT_LVL is 1, when no product/category is specified for a particular incident, then suggested answers are not restricted. If SA_SUGGEST_PROD_LVL or SA_SUGGEST_CAT_LVL is 2, when a product/category is specified and a sub-product/sub-category is not, then suggested answers will only be restricted by product/category.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.