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Specifying the number of Related Answers listed when viewing an answer in Customer Portal
Answer ID 1051   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How do I specify the number of Related Answers listed when viewing an individual answer on the end-user pages?


Answers, Relationships, Customer Portal - End-user answer pages


The specific method for setting the maximum number of answers depend on which end-user pages are enabled for your site. In the Customer Portal pages, the RelatedAnswers2 widget allows related answers to display at the bottom of the page when viewing an answer under the heading Answers others found helpful.  This widget is included by default in the answers/detail.php file:

<rn:widget path="standard/knowledgebase/RelatedAnswers2" number="5" />

Within the widget, the number attribute allows you to indicate the number of related answers to display. The default is 5. You can include a number larger than 5 to display additional related answers.

The RelatedAnswers2 widget allows both manually related and learned link answers to display in the same section.  If both manually related answers and learned link answers exist for a specific answer ID, the manually related answers are listed above the learned link answers.

To disable the Related Answers feature:  Edit the answers/detail.php file and remove the RelatedAnswers2 widget.