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Chat transcript is not saved in the incident created from chat
Answer ID 10471   |   Last Review Date 08/05/2019

Why is the chat transcript not being saved in the incident created from the chat session?


Interaction workspace, Chat workspace, Chat transcript, Browser User Interface (BUI)


Depending on the chat workspace settings as explained in Answer ID 6084: Explains when an incident is created during a chat session, a placeholder incident will be created either at the beginning or end of a chat session. Incidents that are created from chat will contain the full chat transcript.

Even though the chat workspace is set to create an incident, there are two scenarios where chat will not have an associated incident saved.

  1. Cancel the creation of an incident prior to the completion of a chat session as explained in Answer ID 7634: Chats do not have an incident associated.
  2. Improper chat termination leading to chat incident not saved as explained in Answer ID 9768: Chat incident not saved when console crashes or loses connectivity.

In addition to these scenarios, it is possible for chat to have an associated incident stored and not have the chat transcript saved in the incident. Here are steps to help illustrate such a scenario:

  • A chat is accepted by the agent
  • Within the workspace, change a field (ex: Category)
  • Save the associated incident 
  • Send and receive chat text from end-user
  • Wrap-up the chat
  • You will see the chat transcript is added to the incident 
  • Close the browser tab in BUI or hard shutdown the agent console in .NET [before terminating the chat]

When you log back in to BUI or agent console, you will see that incident is still associated to chat. However, when you open the associated incident there will not be any chat transcript in the incident. These situations can commonly occur in BUI as it is easy to close the browser tab before terminating chat, whereas .NET requires hard shut down to close the console during an active chat. In order to avoid this behavior, it is always recommended to terminate the chat before exiting the application.