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Chat incident not saved when console crashes or loses connectivity
Answer ID 9768   |   Last Review Date 01/16/2019

Why did the incident not get saved from a chat after the agent console crashed? 


Chat workspace, Chat transcript, Incidents


Depending on the chat workspace settings as explained in Answer ID 6084: When is an incident created during a chat session? a placeholder incident will be created either at the beginning or end of a chat session. Incidents that are created from the chat will contain the full chat transcript.

However, the incident will not be saved if the console loses communication with the chat server due to any of the reasons listed below during a chat session.

  • Agent console loses internet connection.
  • Agent console crashes during a chat.
  • Agent console is forcefully shut down.

The reason for this behavior is that the placeholder incident is only 'reserved' during a chat session. It is then committed to the database with the complete chat transcript after proper chat termination. Any issues with an agent console resulting in losing communication with the chat server will result in the placeholder incident being lost.

Please note that proper chat termination refers to the agent manually clicking terminate button at the conclusion of a chat. Any system terminated chat is considered as an improper chat termination and incidents will not be created for such chat termination.

An example scenario of improper chat termination

  1. Agent accepts the chat request and has chat exchanges with the end-user
  2. End-user customer disconnects the chat and session goes into wrap-up.
  3. Agent does not terminate the chat and leaves their desk
  4. Computer goes to sleep mode and console loses communication with the chat server
  5. ABSENT_INTERVAL and AGENT_ABSENT_RETRY_COUNT, the Chat Presence Management configuration settings, will terminate the chat as explained in Answer ID 8282: What are the configuration settings that control Chat Presence Management?

In this case, the system has terminated the chat session and that is considered an improper chat termination. The result is that the incident is not saved. Please note that when the Chat Presence Management system terminates a chat, it is merely releasing an open chat session after a period of no communication with the chat server; it will not take any action to save the incident. The incident must be saved through proper chat termination or other means such as manual action by the chat agent or workspace rules.

Also, please see more details on how incident is not created for a chat because of canceling an associated incident workspace as explained in Answer ID 7634: Chats do not have an incident associated