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Oracle B2C Service Upgrade Site Refresh Is Self-Service
Answer ID 10418   |   Last Review Date 06/18/2021

How do I refresh my upgrade site?


Oracle B2C Service


Refreshing the upgrade site is rarely necessary and should never be part of "the plan". The existing upgrade site is destroyed and a new production clone is created if a refresh is deemed necessary. Small development projects which include modifying PHP are automatically handled by File Sync. Production database changes are automatically retained. Here are a few corner case examples of where a refresh is appropriate. Example one, part of your business is unaware that an update is underway so they update the Customer Portal Framework version in production. Example two, part of your business is unaware that an update is underway so they release a new Add-In in production. Example three, you find a showstopper defect while testing the new version. Oracle delivers a patch several weeks later and your business is ready to restart update testing.

How can I refresh an upgrade site?

  • Use the "Manage My Update" feature in the Configuration Assistant. The "Refresh Upgrade Site" button will be displayed for all eligible sites under the Update Information page.

Requirements for upgrade site refresh:

  • Initial upgrade site creation has completed; cutover has not occurred
  • The cutover date must be 8+ days into the future. If refresh does not complete in time for cutover, the cutover will be rescheduled.


  • It is not possible to determine how long a refresh will take. Allowing for several days is suggested.
  • As the existing upgrade site will be destroyed, please back up everything you would like to keep.