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Document ID is not published at the time from the "Valid Display Dates" section
Answer ID 10410   |   Last Review Date 10/15/2018

Why is the document ID not published at the specified time from the "Valid Display Dates" section?


Knowledge Advanced, All supported versions


From Publishing Options > Display On section > Date and Time > select the "Properties" box of a document ID and check the "Valid Display Dates" section.  Refer to the Knowledge Advanced documentation for more information about Valid Display Dates.

If you want to publish a document ID at a future date, you can setup the Date and Time from Publishing Options > Display On section.

If you do not see the same "Displayed" and "Live" version of the document ID after the time specified in the "Valid Display Dates" and the next scheduled Start Date Publisher (SDP) job after the "Date" and "Time" mentioned in the "Valid Display Dates" section, you must check if the document with the latest version was published.  The Start Date Publisher (SDP) job will publish the document at the next batch run after the date setup for "Valid Display Dates".

After the document is published you need to setup a new "Valid  Display Date" and wait for the SDP job to complete.  Only the console user with the Sysadmin role can see batch jobs like SDP.

Refer to the Knowledge Advanced documentation for more information about Sysadmin Role.