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Add-In Manager warning
Answer ID 10400   |   Last Review Date 10/03/2018

Why am I seeing a warning message when trying to deploy/update an Add-In?


November 2010 and newer releases during a release update.


I receive the following warning when trying to deploy new/updates to an Add-In:

This site is currently in an upgrade process and an upgrade site exists.  Adding, updating and profile access changes MUST be made to both the production site and the upgrade site.  Failure to update both sites will result in add-in issues once the upgrade is completed.  Delete functionality has been disabled while an upgrade site exists.  If you need to remove an add-in, please disable the add-in for the profile until the upgrade is complete.


Add-In management is limited while an update process is underway.  Deletion of add-ins is blocked during this period.  This is a safety measure to avert potential problems caused by mis-matched code existing between the production site and the upgrade site. 

Oracle's recommended best practice is to avoid any new/updated add-in changes until after the update process has concluded for your site.  Should a time arise where a new add-in or a change to an existing add-in is required, changes will need to be made to both the production and upgrade sites.  Canceling your update is not necessary.  Making changes to both sites will ensure that the proper add-in code is in-place in both sites.

There are two components to add-ins while a site is undergoing an update process. One component is stored in the database, which comes from the production/live site. The other component is stored in the file system, which comes from the upgrade site at the time of cutover. If changes are made to the add-in code in the production site while an update is underway, then the changes need to be re-applied to the site post-cutover.  Add-ins that are modified as part of an update process, should be uploaded to OVERWRITE the existing Add-In.

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