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Allowing agents to include file attachments with incidents, answers, and other records
Answer ID 104   |   Last Review Date 04/08/2022

Can agents attach files to incidents, chats, answers and other records?


Oracle B2C Service File Attachments


The ability for agents to attach files to incidents, answers and other records depends on how their workspace is configured.

Path to the Workspace Editor:  Configuration > Application Appearance > Workspaces/Workflows


For staff members, the ability to add or remove file attachments is determined by the workspace used by the staff member. The workspace defines whether the file attachments are included on a tab when working with the specific record type and whether staff have permission to add or remove files from that tab.

The Read Only property associated with the file attachments control indicates whether files can only be opened and read or whether staff can add and remove files from that tab.

When staff have permission to edit the files on the attachments tab, they can click the Add Files button on the attachments tab and browse or search for a file of interest.  Staff can also drag and drop files from their desktop or explorer window.  Staff can also select multiple files and drag and drop the files onto the Files tab.

For answer records, from the Files tab, they can drag and drop the attachments so that they display in a specific order when viewed within the console.  On the end-use pages, they will be displayed by default in ascending order (top to bottom).  To change the order they are displayed, you will need to add them in the specific order to the answer. You cannot reorder incident attachments within an incident.

In addition to the buttons in the toolbar on the Files tab, staff can right click on the file attachment and select from Open, Download, Properties, or Delete. The Properties option allows staff to change the display name and make the attachment private so that end-users cannot view it. Please note, you are unable to set the 'Private' property as the default.

To ensure that the file can be opened properly, file attachments should not include an ampersand (&) in the file name.

Note - Chat file attachments:  Customers can attach a file so that a service agent can access it during a chat session.  The file attachment flow is a one-way conduit - from the customer to the agent. 

For more information on allowing customers to attach files, refer to Answer ID 278: Allowing customers to include file attachments with their assistance requests.