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Record doesn't appear in report
Answer ID 10261   |   Last Review Date 03/19/2019

Why isn't a specific record (incident, contact, etc) appearing in my report?


Oracle B2C Service, All Versions


There are various reasons why a record (or records) might not appear in a report. Please check the following aspects to make sure that this behavior is indeed not intended:

1. Check the filters and make sure that the record fulfills all of them. In most cases the record will be excluded from the results by basic filters such as created date, queue, status, etc.

2. Open the report in edit mode and go to the Home tab > Options > More Options, and make sure that the report is set to run on the Operational Database. As mentioned in Answer ID 2817: Reporting data seems incorrect or behind, a report running on the Reporting Database can show stale results. If the record was recently created and the report is running on the Reporting Database, it will not appear in the results if the replication server has fallen behind the operational one. For real-time data make sure the report is running on the Operational Database.

3. Open the report in edit mode and go to the Home tab > Tables. Take note of the used inner joins between the tables, and make sure the record has corresponding values in all the tables used with inner joins.  As described in Answer ID 1839: Types of table joins used with reports, an inner join returns data only if the value in the field in the first table also appears as a value in the field of the second table. This means that data must exist in both fields in both tables in order for the data to be returned in the query.

Example: If a report uses the incidents table with an inner join to the contacts table, it will not show incidents that don't have an associated contact because the record exists in one of the tables (incidents), but it doesn't have a correspondent in the other table (contacts).

These are not the only reasons why a record may not be appearing in a report, but they constitute the largest majority of situations. If the record fulfills all the conditions described above and it still doesn't appear in the report, open a service request with Technical Support and provide the ID of the report and the steps to reproduce the behavior.