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Report execution in workspaces for new records
Answer ID 6008   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why does my report show no data when I add it to a workspace on new incidents?


Analytics in workspaces
Oracle B2C Service, all versions


There is an option to execute reports when the report is contained in a workspace and a new record is created.  When this option is disabled it allows the workspace to load quicker but the report will remain empty.

Note that you can execute a report by clicking in the report area and pressing <F5>.  If there is a search button added to a report it can also be used to execute the report.

To have reports execute when a new record is created enable this option.

Description from the tool tip:

Execute for new records: Indicates that the report should execute when you are creating a new record.  If the report is filtering on data from the record you should normally turn this option off, as new records don't have any data.  If the report is not dependent on data from the record, you can turn this option on so that the report always executes.

To enable the Execute for new records option:

1. Drag a report control to the workspace. Click in the report area.

2. Click Design, and then Report in the ribbon and select a report.

3. Click Report Behavior, Execute for new records.  The checkbox will display indicating the option is active.