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Article not the top result when title of that article is the search terms
Answer ID 10195   |   Last Review Date 07/24/2019

When I use an article title as the search terms, why do I not see the titled article as the top result?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced


The search terms I used were an exact title of a document, but I have to scroll through the search results to find the titled article.


The search terms for an article title are expected to return the article with that exact title in the first position; however this may not always be the case. There are ways to configure Knowledge Advanced so that even a title search does not come up with the titled article first.  This will cause this article to show up above a titled article if the search terms would return the second article.

  1. A Content Type can have the Enable Priority/Order option selected and an article for that Content Type can have Display Position set to Fix At Top.  i.e. Article J is set to be fixed at top and the title of article A is used as the search terms and both are returned in the results, so Article J will be the top result.
  2. An Intent is created with the title of an article as a Model Question and a different article is a Linked Article for that intent. i.e. An intent has a Model Question that is the title of article A and article J is linked to that intent, when searching for the title of article A, article J will show in the results above article A.

Additional Resources:

- Documentation on configuring the content type for the first scenario: Knowledge Advanced Administration Guide: Managing Content Types 

- Documentation on building an intent for the second scenario: Knowledge Advanced Administration Guide: Building Intents