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OkcsSmartAssistant widget does not require an incident rule
Answer ID 10072   |   Last Review Date 05/11/2020

Why can't I find "SmartAssistant on Ask a Question" as an incident source?


Oracle B2C Service sites with Knowledge Advanced enabled, all versions


The incident rule editor does not have an option for the incident source "SmartAssistant on Ask a Question" listed if Knowledge Advanced is enabled on a site.


SmartAssistant for Knowledge Advanced leverages the okcs/OkcsSmartAssistant widget instead of the input/SmartAssistantDialog widget familiar to Knowledge Foundation administrators. Where for SmartAssistantDialog a business rule is required, this is not the case with OkcsSmartAssistant. The OkcsSmartAssistant widget will show SmartAssistant results if it is on the Ask a Question page and is not hidden by an <rn:condition> tag. No business rule is required, and in fact cannot be created in this scenario.

For more information, visit Answer 8156: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced and choose the Online Help for your version. Navigate to "Enabling Knowledge Advanced on Customer Portal" and see the consecutive pages "Enable Standard SmartAssistant" and "Enable Mobile SmartAssistant." Note that these are both enabled by default in the OKCS reference implementation.