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Effect on other tables when a staff account is deleted or moved
Answer ID 1004   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

What happens in other tables when a staff account is either assigned to another group or deleted from the staff table?


Staff Account, Incidents, Answers
Any table that includes the assigned group ID will be effected. 


When a staff member is moved to another group, all incidents that are not Solved or Closed are assigned to the staff member are moved to the new staff group. For example, if you move Jane from Tier 1 to Tier 2, Jane's incidents are assigned to Tier 2 / Jane after her account is moved. Answers are also then assigned to Tier 2 / Jane. Likewise, you'll see a new entry in the Inciden'ts audit log since the incident was updated with a new assigned group ID. The audit log entry will have "From Explorer" in the description. 

If you delete a staff member, the record remains assigned to the group, but is not assigned to a specific staff member.

In terms of reporting data, the transactions remain with the group assignment at the time of the transaction. Therefore, when assigning a staff member to another group, all past activity for that account remains associated with the original group and all activity after the group change is associated with the new group.

If you delete a staff group, the records are not assigned to any staff group or staff account. The Assigned field display as blank when viewing the record.

Note: Before you delete a group, you must either move or delete all staff members from that group. In general, it is not recommended that you delete a staff group since you lose historical information about the records that were handled and assigned to that group. If you must delete a group, it is best to reassign the associated records to another group. It is especially important to reassign your unresolved and waiting incidents, so that responsibility for those incidents is clearly defined and assigned.