Navigating the Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Base

Cimberli Kearns  |  10/24/2018
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Our latest OSvC Technical webinar featured Rhonda Templeton, Knowledge Base Manager Extraordinaire, who led participants through the Support Site with a focus on the OSvC knowledge base. With over 3,500 answers across four languages, there's a good chance you can resolve your OSvC issue without having to submit a service request. Those chances increase if you follow the tips shared by Rhonda.  

Go HERE to view the recorded webinar.  If you're just getting started with the Oracle Service Cloud or you're looking for a refresher, make note of the especially useful answers highlighted by Rhonda.

Documentation and System Requirements Overview by Product Area

Oracle Service Cloud Release Resources

Navigating the Oracle Service Cloud Support Site

Tips for Searching the Oracle Service Cloud Support Site

Getting Started with Technical Support

Submitting Answer Feedback

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