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Display Search Criteria Inline in a report
Answer ID 9988   |   Last Review Date 04/09/2019

How can I display search criteria used to generate a report?


Analytics, Run-time options
Oracle B2C Service


Search criteria can be displayed in order to get a clear view of the filters used when generating a report.

The options available for displaying search criteria are listed below:

  • Do Not Display Search Criteria: Select this option to remove search criteria details from the report.
  • Display Search Criteria Inline: Select this option to show the search criteria details that have been defined for the report.
  • Display Descriptions on Separate Tab:Select this option to show the search criteria details that have been defined for the report on a separate Description tab. The tab is automatically added to the report when you choose this option.

Search Criteria values are taken from the analytics filter and are displayed exactly as they are shown in the filter, or exactly as they are selected from the runtime filter. This field does not perform any calculations.

This can also be set when editing the report from the Display ribbon > Search Criteria.


View report definition: Staff can view the report definition, which provides an overall summary as to the tables, filters, output levels and output columns for the entire report. In addition, the report definition includes variables and data exceptions if they are configured in the report.

To view the report definition, click the Home tab and then click View button and select Data Set View.

See also, Displaying output and filter descriptions in a report for information on displaying Output Descriptions.