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Understanding full vs incremental content processing
Answer ID 9945   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

What is the difference between full and incremental content processing, or why do we need full content processing?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced
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I am unable to see the updates to my content when I make a token text changes, product/category hierarchy changes not done through a document or update a url_answer. 


For Knowledge Advanced Authoring content updates, after the content is published and before the new content is available in search results, content processing must run. There are 2 modes that content processing is run in -- full and incremental. Incremental mode will update new content but there are 3 exceptions where the incremental content processing does not automatically pick up changes (these are all covered by the full content processing).

· tokens text changes

· product/category hierarchy changes not done through a document

· url_answers

The above are all edge cases and not typically daily functions. In each of the above cases, you can avoid a full crawl by using the authoring find function and searching for the impacted documents and then performing a dummy update (e.g. remove a view and add the same view back in). This will trigger a new version of the document and then it will be picked up by the incremental content processing and you won't need a full job. Alternatively, you can just leave it to the weekly full job to pick up these changes.


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