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UK Government Secure Login
Answer ID 9915   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

Why have I been directed to log in again on a secure UK site?



You have been referred to the secure support site for customers who have purchased Oracle B2C Service hosting on the UK government data center.  Your support is managed through this secure site instead of so that we can ensure that your data is stored in an environment only accessible to agents who are UK citizens based in the UK.

Contacts from your organization on are migrated on a one time basis to the secure site, after which, for security purposes, you'll need to manage your contacts there separately via, but don't worry about remembering this link. Now that you are a UK government data center user, you will be redirected to this page when you navigate to Contact Management through Updates to contacts on the secure site are automatically synched to, so you should not have to manage your contact information in two places.

The secure site is used only for management of your service requests - all other support functionality (ex: the knowledge base) will continue to be accessible via

If your site was hosted on a non-UK government data center and migrated, your old service requests can be managed via the link or simply choose "Support"->"Manage My Service Requests" in the menu above. Any non-UK government ("Legacy" Service Requests) will appear in a section below UK government secure Service Requests.

If you feel that this service was enabled for you in error, please contact your Technical Account Manager or Salesperson.