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Incident responses are showing the Reply To address for another interface
Answer ID 986   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

Why are incident responses showing the Reply To address for our other interface?


Outgoing Email, Incident Response Messages
Oracle B2C Service


When a user submits a new incident in our main interface, the Reply To address in the response is usually correct for the interface, such as In some circumstances, however, responses are being sent with the Reply To address for one of our other interfaces, such as

The Reply-To address for an incident response is not configured from workflow rules. The Reply-To address corresponds to the mailbox associated with the incident.

When editing an incident, the Mailbox field allows you to associate each incident to a specific mailbox. The reply-to address used with the response is determined by the configuration of the mailbox that is selected. The Mailbox field is located on the Details tab.

By selecting a different mailbox when you edit an incident, you can override the default mailbox used for that interface or the mailbox the incident was originally associated with. This means that future responses will be sent from the mailbox you select. Since different mailboxes can have different display names and different reply-to addresses, you can ensure that the incident is associated with the proper mailbox for the content of the incident.

Therefore, if the reply-to address is not correct for the interface, open the incident for editing and check which mailbox it is associated with. In addition, verify that the reply-to address is configured correctly for the mailbox.