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Submit URL is shown instead of configured shortcut ID
Answer ID 9831   |   Last Review Date 03/12/2019

Why is the submit URL shown instead of the shortcut ID we have setup a for our campaign's Serve Web Page element?


Campaigns, Surveys
Oracle B2C Service


We have setup a shortcut ID for one of the Serve Web Page elements in our campaign/survey flow. However, when we test the flow and reach this page, the URL shows up as:

...instead of...

The flow leads to this page via a submit connector.


Any serve web page element in a campaign or survey flow that is connected to the previous element via a submit connector will have it's URL displayed as https://<vhost>/ci/documents/submit, regardless of the shortcut ID defined for it. This behavior is by design.

While the URL is different than what the shortcut ID is configured, the contents of the page are, of course, taken from the document that the flow points to. A tracking string is passed onto the submit request as a form field by the referrer page (the previous page in the flow), which then gets decoded and points to the document from the campaign or survey flow.