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Vector graphics in Message Templates
Answer ID 9787   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

Can we use vector graphics in Message Templates?


Message Templates, Emails
Oracle B2C Service


We are trying to add images to message templates, but they are not displaying correctly in the Preview tab at the bottom of the HTML editor.  They also do not display correctly in the emails sent to our customers. We are using an SVG image file.


Message templates, including the global template, can be customized to include raster image files, such as JPEG and GIF.

Vector graphics however, such as SVG files, are not a supported format for use in message templates, which means that we cannot guarantee the results if they are used.

SVG files also do not benefit from full support in all email solutions and email clients. This means that using them would potentially result in some recipients not being able to view the image you included.