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Opening a new browser when viewing attachments or links
Answer ID 973   |   Last Review Date 03/12/2019

How do I have a new browser window open when viewing attachments or links?


File Attachments


Note: Windows accessed from the Oracle B2C Service console using the Go, Community and Help windows may take over an existing browser instead of opening a new browser. This is due to an Internet Explorer setting.  To have new windows open for these links, in an IE browser, go to  Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.  Under the Browser heading, clear the checkbox next to Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts.

Links in Answers

When viewing answers (or incidents), users always have the option of right-clicking on the link and selecting Open in New Window to open a new browser for the link contents.

When linking from one answer to another, you can add the target="new"  attribute when creating a link to another answer. For example, <answer_xref id="yyy" target="new"> creates a link to the Answer ID specified which then opens in a new window.

For links within an answer, to open a hyperlink in a new window, add 'target=new' when creating the link. For example, the syntax is as follows:

<a href="" target="new">Text to display as the link</a>

Links in Incidents in the Administration Consoles 

Links within incidents always open in a new window.

In Internet Explorer, this setting can be found by going to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Browsing > Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts. If the Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts is not checked, the links will open a new browser window rather than using an open window.

File Attachments on End-User Pages 

With file attachments that are accessed from the end-user pages (either in an answer or from an incident in the My Account - Support History area, it is possible to configure Oracle B2C Service to open file attachments in a new window when the link is clicked.  This allows your site visitors to retain their original location while viewing the link or attachment.

The EU_FA_NEW_WIN_TYPES configuration settings applies to file attachments on the end-user pages. This setting allows you to specify a regular expression that is applied to the MIME content type of file attachments.

If the content type matches the regular expression in the setting, the file attachment opens in a new window. Generally only files that a browser can open and display, either directly or through a plug-in, should be displayed in a new window. Unfortunately, the specific files a browser can handle varies by browser, operating system, and software installed on the system.