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Site Customization Considerations
Answer ID 9715   |   Last Review Date 05/19/2022

What should you consider if you customize your site?


Customizing your Oracle B2C Service site


As with any software application, our solution has scalability limitations. It’s important to realize that Oracle B2C Service is a transactional production database and is not intended to take the place of a data warehouse for large data sets. Attempting to keep full historical data in a transactional production database will have negative consequences on your site’s performance.

Your Oracle B2C Service production database should be purged from time to time and archived in a data warehouse to be used for reporting and tending. Things like dumping all data from other sources into this transactional database and writing customizations that do large table scans or joins will negatively impact your site’s performance. It also needs to be understood that MySQL limitations exist. These can be found through MySQL development forums and documents. Lastly, our product does have hard limitations. Please see the Developers Community and the knowledge base for information on specifics such as how many accounts or how many custom fields are possible.

If you or your partner customizes your site, you own the support responsibility for that customization. Oracle does not log customizations nor runs traces to prove your customization works. This is the responsibility of the customer or their partner; depending upon who wrote the code.

It is also the responsibility of you or your partner to test your code. When a customization is written, your responsibilities include logging that customization, proving no coding issues and performance for expected functionality. If your logs do capture problems, those are issues either you or your partner must troubleshoot. If, ultimately, you believe there is a defect in the product, the only way for us to track that down is for you or the partner to provide a “hello world” example of the defective functionality. You can find more information on submitting Hello World examples for defect analysis in Answer ID 6925 in the support portal knowledge base.

As a best practice when creating a customization, the customer or partner should always create logs to help with understanding whether the customization works as well as to provide code troubleshooting information. The product does not log this customization information for you.

Please also be aware that the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team's focus is on product defect remediation and resolution of issues through product-level fixes. Customization support, setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance help from Oracle is available from either Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) team or the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). This includes the use of cron customizations, with OCS being the appropriate team at Oracle to ask for assistance in configuring these types of customizations. For further details on this see

Answer ID 5129:  Customizations on refreshed test sites and upgrade sites

Further, Oracle B2C Service customizations use managed framework APIs. All managed frameworks are versioned and each version has a two year time-frame before it is deprecated. Customized code should therefore be updated regularly to meet this two year time frame between when the new framework version comes out with a new product release, and the following deprecation of that version two years from that general availability product release. For further information on Oracle B2C Service deprecations please refer to the following answer:

Answer ID 5974: Oracle B2C Service Deprecations

Oracle offers several different training options for developers and integrators who wish to customize sites.
Within Oracle University you can find training for Oracle B2C Service Integration and Development Implementation Essentials. There is also information to assist developers in our Oracle B2C Service CommunitiesTechnical Documentation, Sample code* and Accelerators are also available.

*Note: Sample code must be customized for your site. It is not plug and play.

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