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Optimizing visitor_sessions table data with Engagement Engine
Answer ID 9683   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2019

How can I control/optimize the data being stored in the visitor_sessions table?


Engagement Engine
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


There are two configuration settings that control the way the data is being purged from the visitor_sessions table.



The first one, VS_PURGE_NON_PAGELOAD_EVENTS_DAY, specifies the age in days after which Visitor Browser History data will be purged by the agedatabase utility. The default value is 14 days, the maximum value is 730 days, the minimum value is 1 day. This config verb will control the purging of all non-browse type records (e.g., offers, accepts, and converts) in the "visitor_events" table.

It can be changed by accessing the Site Configuration (on the Navigation Pane) -> double click Configuration Settings:

Here, you have several options on the Search window. You can:

  • Use the search fields to filter the configuration settings that are returned on the editor.

  • Accept all default filters by simply clicking Search to return every interface-specific configuration setting on the site you are logged in to.

  • Click Cancel to bypass the window and search using the buttons on the ribbon or the search fields on the top of the editor.

  • Customize the filters and save them as your defaults by selecting Save as Default Values from the Settings drop-down menu before clicking Search. The next time you access configuration settings from your configuration list, the Search window does not open because the system remembers your defaults. Instead, the Configuration Settings editor opens with your previously filtered search results.

For more information on accessing the Configuration Editor and editing settings, refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration settings.

The second one, VS_PURGE_PAGE_LOAD_EVENTS_DAYS, controls the number of days to retain page load events in the "visitor_events" table. The maximum number of days is 14, the default is seven days, and the minimum is one day. These events are only stored if VS_STORE_PAGE_LOADS is enabled.

This configuration setting is not visible on the Configuration Settings section in the console.

Consequently, in order to change it, submit a service request via Ask Technical Support with the desired value.