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Feedback not appearing in Knowledge Advanced Reports
Answer ID 9663   |   Last Review Date 04/18/2019

When submitting feedback on Knowledge Advanced articles, why are the results not appearing in our 'Answers Viewed by Answers' report?


Oracle B2C Service, Product listing
Knowledge Advanced


Knowledge Advanced answer feedback is submitted through the okcs/DocumentRating Customer Portal (CP) widget. This widget is placed on the standard answers/answer_view.php CP page, as part of the Knowledge Advanced/OKCS page set provided.

First, ratings must be set up in the console. To set up the ratings, you need to log in to the console using an account with Authoring permissions, and open the Authoring window. From there, go to the Feedback tab and add a Ratings mechanism as shown here:


Next, go to Repository > Content Types List and edit the content type to use the rating that you just created, as here:


Finally, from the CP pages, if you are logged in and viewing an answer for that content type, the rating feature should display, as here (this example has customized labels with 3 options):


Previously performed ratings will be aggregated together and made available once the underlying utilities process that data, once a day. After this process has completed, the data will be made available through standard reporting, via the report Answers Viewed by Answer report and show the previously made answer rating as seen here (this example uses ratings where 5 options are available):