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Inline images appearing as black X boxes
Answer ID 9587   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2018

Is there a security setting or something I need to change to display images in answers?


Inbound Email, End-User Pages
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), All versions


We had previously allowed anyone to view our Customer Portal pages, however now we have determined for one of our interfaces that we are no longer going to offer access by setting the configuration setting SEC_VALID_ENDUSER_HOSTS to appropriate IP addresses. One of our remote agents can no longer see inline images within the Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) console.


One possible reason for this is that your organization chooses to lock down end-user sessions or availability to your Customer Portal pages via the configuration setting SEC_VALID_ENDUSER_HOSTS. If this configuration setting is set to cater to a different audience than those allowed to log into your console you may notice inline images that are unable to be viewed such as the one below:


This is due to the images being saved against your Customer Portal /ci/inlineImage/get/(identifier)/. Since you do not have permissions to view this based on the above configuration setting, you will be unable to see these. If you experience this, it is recommended to confirm that your IP address is set within that configuration setting. Once you add it you will be able to render those images.


If, after following the above steps, the issue is not resolved, please submit a service request via Ask Technical Support to the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team for further review.

For Instructions on how to manage your end user availability, please see Answer ID 245: Restricting computers or hosts that can access the Oracle B2C Service console and end-user pages