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Enabling spell check for other languages
Answer ID 9585   |   Last Review Date 11/18/2022

I have an English-US interface but need English-UK spell check, how do I do this?


Spell Check, Workspaces
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


You may have just created your site, with a standard English-US interface, but would like the ability for agents in other locales to be able to use their native language when responding to their customers. In this process you also want to ensure they have correct spelling, but it appears as though other languages do not work on your English-US interface, what can you do?



If you don't already have an English-UK interface then you will be unable to set the default spell checker to utilize the language package required to have words such as "colour" appear correctly for your agents. In order to be able to use a separate language pack you must have at least one interface that has that language installed on it.


BUI uses the browser spell check, so the spell check language support for BUI now relies on the browser's language support, rather than the language of the incident's interface association. It's suggested that the Chrome settings -> Languages allows you to select the language and gives you more options. It's also noted there may be some third-party browser plugins that may work.

If you wish to have a language interface created, you can submit a service request via Ask Technical Support to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team for assistance. For more information see: Answer ID 968: Can I clone an interface to create a new interface on my site?

NOTE: If you have received a welcome email for the Oracle Cloud Portal service, then you must use the Configuration Assistant option to manage interfaces. Documentation for this option is provided in Answer ID 7537: Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal.


Please note that the spell checker hinges on two things; the language set within the workspace (on the standard workspace this is found on the details tab of the incident workspace) and then, if that does not exist, the language of the interface you are logged into. Also worth noting is your inability to change the language pack of an interface once that interface has been created, this is detailed in Answer ID 2486: How do I change the language used on an interface?

Also please note updating the spell check dictionary isn't functional for use with non-Latin based language interfaces. Spell checking in non-latin based languages is driven by a combination of spell checking and matching against existing KB terms.