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Adding and customizing fields on chat_launch page
Answer ID 9506   |   Last Review Date 03/02/2022

How can I add or customize fields on chat_launch page?


Chat, Customer Portal
B2C Service Chat


Chat launch page contains several fields that are used to collect useful end-user information like 'last name' or 'email address'. Both the label and whether if these fields are required or not can be modified.

NOTE:  To access the Customer Portal files, a WebDav connection must be first established.  Please refer to Answer ID 2600: Configuring WebDAV connection to access the Customer Portal.

Field labels are controlled by the following message bases:


In order to change the field labels,simply edit the above message bases. For additional information, refer to the 'Working with the Message Bases editor' section in online documentation for the version your site is currently running.

If you would like to make a field required, you will need to add the required="true" attribute as seen in the below example:

<rn:widget path="input/FormInput" name="Contact.Name.First" label_input="#rn:msg:FIRST_NAME_LBL#" required="true"/>

Extra fields can also be added to the chat_launch page,for example products and categories. In order to achieve this, you will need to place the bellow code on the page:

<rn:widget path="input/ProductCategoryInput" name="Incident.Product" />
<rn:widget path="input/ProductCategoryInput" name="Incident.Category" />

For instructions on adding custom fields to the chat_launch page, see Passing custom fields from a chat launch URL to a resulting chat and incident.