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Linking notifications to utility stats
Answer ID 9492   |   Last Review Date 11/23/2019

How can I link console notifications to utility runs?


Oracle B2C Service, All Versions


1.  Note the time of the notification message, including time zone.  For more information about notifications, please refer to Answer 1835: Staff notifications and email sent to staff.

2.  With the notification message as your guide, refer to Answer ID 348: Utilities included with Oracle B2C Service to decide which utility is likely triggering the message.

3.  Go to the utility stats page for that utility, and find the run corresponding to the time of the notification message.  For instructions on how to get to the utility stats page, please refer to Answer ID 4551: How to check utility status for my site (i.e. Techmail).

4.  Refer to additional knowledge base articles utility stats page messages, their common causes and solutions in other knowledge base articles, for example Answer ID 1067: Techmail messages in the Utility Stats page.

Notes: Many notifications correspond to non-standard exit codes from utilities, often techmail.  For instance, this can occur if a mailbox is locked, or some other error occurs during a techmail run.  There is often no direct correspondence between the notification in the console (or it's associated email, if that is configured) and the message in the utility stats page besides the time stamp and the general content of the message (for instance, a message about a mailbox is likely coming from a techmail run at the same time).