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Set or add a point of contact on a service request
Answer ID 9436   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2019

Is it possible to change or add contacts to services request I've submitted to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support?


For service requests submitted to Oracle B2C Service Technical support from the Support site
     -  Setting a point of contact when submitting a new service request
     -  Adding a point of contact to an existing service request


When submitting a service request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support, it is common that you would be the point of contact.  However, in some cases, it might be required to designate someone else in your organization to be the point of contact.  

When you first submit a service request from the Oracle B2C Service support site, there is a check box enabled by default that designates you as the point of contact.  By deselecting this checkbox, you can then choose from a list of Designated Support Contacts from within your organization.

checkbox: I am the point of contact for this request

You also have the option to add an additional point of contact to an existing service request.  Contacts added will be copied on all agent response messages.  Go to Account > Service Requests and Posts > Service Requests > select service request Subject to open record > scroll down to the Contact Management section.

Select the drop down menu for 'Add Another Contact to this Request' and select to add either an existing or new contact.

  • Existing Contact allows you to select from a list of Designated Support Contacts from your organization.
  • New Contact allows you to create a new Designated Support Contact by adding their first name, last name and email address.  Select the Add Contact button when done.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be giving this contact visibility into your organization's service request history, and it is your responsibility to disable this contact if this access is intended to be temporary.

From this area, you can also select a different point of contact (by changing the "Point of Contact?" selection) or remove contacts from the service request (by selecting the X in the "Remove" column).

When a new contact is added, they are sent an email similar to the following.  This provides a link so they can reset their password.  They will then be able to login to the Support Site.

Example: Sarah Smith has created an Oracle B2C Service support account for you on ...

It is also possible to add contacts to existing requests.  From Accounts > Service Requests > Service Request History, search all service requests submitted by your organization by reference number or by using the search drop down.  Open the service request by clicking on the subject. In the Contact Management section, select a name from the drop down.

Contact Management, Contacts on this Request, Add Another Contact to this Request drop down

For additional information on managing contacts, refer to Answer ID 1560: Using the Contact Management page to add or update designated contacts.

For a video tour of the feature outlined above, see the Add Contact Customer Video from the Oracle Video Hub.