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End-user receives Contact Not Identified message when attempting to access a survey
Answer ID 9431   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

Why does the end-user receive message 'Contact Not Identified' when attempting to access a survey?




When a customer clicks on a survey link that has 'Allow Anonymous' disabled they may be directed to a page that says:

Contact Not Identified
Only identified contacts may access this survey.


This message is displayed because there is no identifying information for the contact. The survey attempts to identify the contact by using cookies, information from the survey link, or other means. However, if no identifying information is present, but it is required by the survey, the contact will be given the above message.

The Allow Anonymous feature allows you to restrict access to your surveys. When this feature is disabled (un-checked) on a Website Link survey, or any kind of static survey link, it requires that the end-user is logged into the Customer Portal pages in order to access the survey content. On Transactional and Broadcast surveys, the link provided in the mailing provides unique tracking information for the customer. So in the case that Allow Anonymous is disabled the contact will still be able to access the survey with the unique URL.