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High number of customer visits in the Service Summary
Answer ID 938   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2019

Why is the number of customer visits so high in the Service Summary?


Analytics, Customer page visits


When I look at my Service Summary report, the number of customer visits is considerably higher than the number of Answers Viewed and Searches.


A customer visit gets created even when just one of the end-user pages is visited, including the Support Home page or the Login page. Customer visits are created for the situations listed below, which increases the number reported in the Service Summary report:

Using Support Home page to get to Administration Console: If your staff members first go to the Support Home Page and then modify the URL to login to the administration pages, a customer visit is counted for that activity. Staff members should bookmark the /login URL to access the Administration pages of your site. 

Customer Browsing: If an end-user goes to the Support Home page or Login page and decides they are in the wrong area, they may then move on to another non-Oracle B2C Service page. In this case, too, a customer visit would be created. The customer may even view the list of Answers displayed on the Find Answers page without viewing an individual Answer. 

Site Monitoring Program: If a site monitoring program is used with your site, hits to the end-user pages are counted as a customer visit.
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