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Keywords used for search don't show up in keyword_searches table
Answer ID 9293   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

Why aren't keywords used for searching showing up in the keyword_searches table?


Phrase Searching, Customer Portal, Analytics


A custom report based on the "keyword_searches" table doesn't show all keywords that were used for search on Customer Portal pages.


When a search is performed on Customer Portal pages, the end-used activity or sessions first being saved in a "clickstreams" table in a form of actions. They are then transferred into "keyword_searches" table by dataminer utility; however, certain conditions should be met in order for data to be converted from "clickstreams" to "keyword_searches".

Following actions should be present within the same end-user session:

1. "/Search" action type
2. "/ResultList" action type

Those actions are present and being executed by default on a standard Customer Portal pages but can be accidentally removed or renamed on some pages during CP development process. You will want to check any customized code if you encounter the scenario above.

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