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Staff member not receiving the account reset password email
Answer ID 9245   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

When using the Login Help button to reset my staff account password, why am I not receiving the email with the link to reset the password?


Message Templates, Email, Staff account email address


In order to receive the Account Password Reset email there are several conditions to be aware of.

First, it is important to note that your interface selection upon login matters. The message templates are specific to each interface.  The interface selection will ensure that the staff member receives the email associated to that interface. This is especially important when interfaces utilize different languages.

Once this selection has been made, the following criteria must be met in order to ensure the email is received:

1. The email address entered must match an email address associated to a staff account.
2. The email address and user name that are entered must align with the same staff account.
3. The staff account cannot be disabled.
4. There must be an enabled service mailbox on the selected interface. Note that the email will send from the default mailbox
5. The Account Password Reset message template must be enabled to send.

In order to find the Account Password Reset message template navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates, then select the interface and select Administrator Emails from the ribbon. The Account Password Reset template is listed under Accounts.

It is also possible that the email address used at login is also used in multiple staff accounts.  For more information on this scenario, see Answer ID 4436: Account Assistance email is not received for specific staff account.

Note: When working on a test or upgrade site, all email addresses are appended with ".invalid".  This will need to be removed for any message to be sent to a contact or staff account.  Additionally, a default mailbox will need to be enabled for the interface you're testing in.