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I'm trying to edit the URL of a browser control to leave it blank
Answer ID 9243   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2018

Why can I not remove the URL of a browser control once I've added it?


Browser Control, Workspace Elements, Workspace Rules
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


We had previously left the URL field blank and by mistake another administrator populated this.  When we select the Browser Control and go to the Design tab > URL, we receive an error message when attempting to leave this blank:

"The URL entered is not in a valid format or scheme"



It is by design that this field cannot be left blank.  Once you touch this field and go to leave it without inputting data, it throws an error.

The reasoning behind this being thrown is that when adding this to the workspace it expects that you are going to populate the URL field and not leave it blank even if you plan to fill it later by utilizing a workspace rule.

A note here, if you have previously filled it out, regardless of whether you have removed it from the URL field, you would still receive this error and the URL will still be on the Browser Control itself.

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As illustrated in the above screen shot, even though the URL has been removed, it still exists on the element.

For instance, to remove this, follow the process of removing the Browser Control from the workspace.  When you do that, all the associated workspace rules that touched that Browser Control will have all the elements setting the URL removed, due to the parent object being removed.


If you wish to reset the URL to blank, use the following steps:

  1. Copy down the associated workspace rules Actions
  2. Delete the Browser Control
  3. Add the Browser Control back to the workspace then go back to the workspace rules and rebuild them for the object you just added to the workspace
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