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Incident Trend reports for Closed and Responded incidents differ greatly
Answer ID 924   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why don't results match between the Incident Trend report and the Incident Trend - Closed report?




I checked the Incident Trend Report (ID 85) to see how many incidents we had solved so far today and the Incident Trend - Closed report showed zero incidents and would not allow me to drill down. Since we change our status directly to Solved when sending out an email, I checked the Incident Trend - Responded report. The report showed 139 incidents. We expect results between these reports to match.


The Incident Trend - Closed report (ID 10) uses cached data from the stats table which is stored by the agedatabase utility run each night. Therefore, statistics for today's incidents will be displayed on the graph tomorrow, after the utility has had a chance to run and collect that information.

In general, the Incident Trend - Closed report lists the number of incidents that have been set to a solved status type for the time interval specified, either manually or as the result of agedatabase changing a waiting incident to solved. The Incident Trend - Responded report (ID 9) gives the number of incidents that were responded to during the time interval, regardless of what status they were assigned to when the response was sent.

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