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Why is there slowness when accessing the Oracle B2C Service support pages?
Answer ID 9230   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2018

Why is there slowness when accessing the Oracle B2C Service support pages?


Customers navigating to Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) Support Site
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Navigating to the support pages results in slowness of about 20 seconds per transaction.


This issue can be caused by not publishing your organization's internal nameserver records in DNS.

Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) allows users to customize access control through the use of the SEC_(IN)VALID configuration keys. When accessing end-user pages for a site that has these keys populated, such as the support site, the server will perform a reverse lookup to verify that the IP address is allowed to pass through. If no nameserver records are published for your organization, this will result in a delay of approximately 20 seconds before timing out and proceeding.

PTR record types are typically used for this purpose, however theoretically any DNS record type will work as long as it returns a timely response. These records will need to be added by your local DNS administrators.