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Report is not displaying mailings properly
Answer ID 9204   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Why are some of my mailings not appearing in my report?


Analytics, Mailings, All Versions


A report has been created using the mailings' scheduled date as a filter, but when the report is run, not all mailings are displayed, even though some of them were scheduled between the selected dates.


In order for all the mailings to be displayed properly, you will need to replace the filter using the mailing's scheduled date with another date filter, such as created, last updated, or sent date.


When scheduling mailings to be delivered immediately, the scheduled date will be left as NULL in the database. This is standard product behavior, as only future scheduled mailings have a scheduled date. The mailings set to be delivered immediately are not actually scheduled since they are sent on the spot, so the scheduled date remains NULL. This is why when using a filter based on the scheduled date, the mailings that were delivered immediately will not be shown.