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Automatic Joins in reports can cause failures
Answer ID 9139   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why does adding certain columns cause a report to fail?


Reports, All versions
Oracle B2C Service, (OSvC)


A report cannot run when certain columns are added to the definition, even though the columns come from tables already in the report.

When a report is run, certain columns in some tables automatically generate an additional join behind the scenes. For example, the column incidents.assgn_acct_id is an integer field. However, when it is used in a report, the system automatically joins the report to the accounts table in order to display the name of each agent, rather than their arbitrary id number. This is a feature within the product designed for convenience and to promote usability. If a report is poorly optimized or already close to the defined limitations within analytics, this additional join could cause the report to fail (max_join).  
If an identifier is needed, the string ".id" can be appended to the column. From the above example, that would be Please note, it is rare that an appropriately optimized report would max join solely for this reason and there are often other options that have a far greater impact on the data set being returned.