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Error when deploying changes to Custom Objects: Deploy cannot be Initiated
Answer ID 9138   |   Last Review Date 01/15/2019

Why do I get the following message when I try to deploy custom objects?


All versions, Custom Objects, Custom Fields


I receive the following error when trying to deploy changes to Custom Objects:

Deploy cannot be Initiated. Custom fields are being saved. Please wait until it is over.


In most cases, this is happening because a previously deployed custom field has not completed yet.
Depending on the size of the table you are modifying (e.g.: number of incidents and/or contacts on your site), adding and deploying custom fields can take some time to complete.

However, after several hours, if the deployment process is not completed and you can't access the new custom field, then you may wish to submit a service request to Ask Technical Support.

Once the custom field deployment is completed, you will be able to deploy the changes to custom objects.

For more information on creating custom fields, refer to Answer ID 8923: Custom Objects & Custom Field Deployment Basics.