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Controlling Answer Visibility for Knowledge Advanced Search
Answer ID 9124   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2018

How do I control answer visibility for Knowledge Advanced Search?


Knowledge Advanced, All product versions


Answer visibility for Customer Portal:

•     The answer must be published

•     The answer must be associated to a view that is mapped to an interface. Each interface can only have one view, but the article will show in all the interfaces with a view that matches the articles views.  (It is possible to see the contents in a different locale than that of the interface by changing the answer ID in the URL to some other translation. However, the article will only show up in the browse page or search results in the appropriate translation.)

•     If the article has a user group selected (not applicable if User Group is not part of the Content Type's schema), the user must have SLA with the answer access level associated to that user group.  (User groups are mapped one-to-one to answer access levels.  If an article has no user groups then it is available for all users to see, even non-logged in users from Customer Portal.

In addition, results specific to an answer keyword search are specific to the following:

•     The text being used to search must be in an answer field that is indexed for search, as configured within the associated Content Type's schema for the answer.

•     Content processing must be run for modifications to an answer to apply to a search.  Content processing runs every 15 minutes but it requires two cycles to crawl and then index the new content.


Answer visibility for the agent console (BUI or .NET)

In Authoring the interface will show the articles that align with the agents views and roles.

Administrators can activate search results in Knowledge Advanced so that agents, when searching Knowledge Advanced from an incident, can see only articles relevant to the areas the agents support. Please refer to the 'Filtering Incident Search Results by Agents’ Roles' section within the Knowledge Advanced technical documentation for details.

When searching Knowledge Advanced from an incident:

•     The article must be published.
•     The article must have one view assigned that the user has a view for.  The user can have just the general view selected which will give them access to all views.  But an article must have the specific views selected.  If only the general view is selected then the article will not be available in the agent search.