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Access Denied when opening file attachments from saved Print Preview
Answer ID 9097   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why can't I access file attachments from saved Print Preview?


File Attachments
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


An agent saved a record (contact, incident, etc) having file attachments on a local machine (i.e. clicked on File, selected "Save as" and browsed to save the file locally as .htm file).  The agent then closed out of the Oracle B2C Service application.  Then, trying to open the attachment, the agent received the message:

"Access Denied.This session is no longer valid. One possible cause is that you are logged in on another copy of the program".


This is intended behavior due to the fact that no valid session is opened in Oracle B2C Service console to access record information (as file attachments), therefore due to security reasons you are not allowed to view the attachments.


This behavior is also encountered when trying to access file attachments for records while in Print Preview mode, but using any other browser than Internet Explorer, which is the default one used by the application.