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Large volume of survey responses associated to a single contact record
Answer ID 9095   |   Last Review Date 06/21/2021

Why do I have several contacts reporting a very high volume of survey responses?


Chat, Feedback, Analytics


In reviewing the results of a chat survey, it may appear that a single contact is responsible for most of your survey results.


To resolve this, check (and edit) the associated contact record email address(es) accordingly.

It may be the case that the contact record associated with the anonymous@anonymous.invalid was updated with a new email address. If this is the case, all survey results that were associated to the anonymous contact record will now reflect the updated email address.

You can verify that this is the case by checking the audit log for the contact in which the survey results are now associated to. You may see that this contact's email was updated from anonymous@anonymous.invalid to the new value.