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Large quantities of "Unknown" results in web stats reports
Answer ID 9088   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why are there large quantities of "Unknown" results in my web stats reports?


All sites, Reports


Reports have large quantities of "Unknown" results in web statistics reports. Standards reports named "Visits by ..." or custom reports utilizing the field cp_visitor_stats.browser_id are notable reports that exhibit this behavior.


The field cp_visitor_stats.browser_id field contains browser name and version information about Customer Portal (CP) visits. It is updated with each new release of Oracle B2C Service. Browser_id will often fall behind current version names & numbers as new browser versions are released between Oracle B2C Service versions, and can therefore have large numbers of "unknown" browsers. This is often the cause of large numbers of "unknowns" in these reports. In order to prevent as many unknowns as possible, keeping up-to-date on your version of Oracle B2C Service is helpful.

If you need more detailed browser information, the clickstreams table contains the raw data that populates cp_visitor_stats, which can be manually parsed as desired.

See also: Answer 7893: Table cp_visitor_stats does not reflect the version of the browser used in the column browser_id.