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Deleting a custom object removed it from a workspace
Answer ID 9071   |   Last Review Date 08/06/2019

Where does my custom object go after I delete it?


Oracle B2C Service, Custom Objects All Versions


Removing a custom object from the Object Designer is considered a permanent change and cannot be undone once deployed. After the deployment, the object is removed from the schema along with any data housed in that table. Because custom objects are tied to various aspects of the site, administrators should review reports and workspaces prior to any modifications. 

Workspaces can be rendered unusable with some changes and users could experience unexpected behavior throughout the product. For example, the object may show as a selectable blank object within the workspace editor and will need to be deleted. Most times, corresponding fields within workspaces will simply be removed. Reports referencing data from those objects may throw exceptions for unrecognized columns as they no longer exist in the schema. Again, it is best practice to review the impact of removing any custom objects in order to limit down time for users that require access to affected workspaces and reports.