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Behavior of the Select All option in a required run-time filter
Answer ID 9068   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How do I use the Select All button in a custom report when it is a required filter?


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When a run-time filter has been set to required on a report, there are restrictions placed on the use of the Select All option button.

If when the report was created the Select All option has been chosen, the default state is for all possible items to be selected. This is the same as logically saying use no filter. When this occurs the Search button will remain grayed out and you will not be able to run the report. The report is expecting that the user will toggle the Select all button so that nothing is selected, and then select only the items that are needed for the filter to run. Once this condition has been encountered, the Search button will become useable.

If the Select All option is toggled so that no items are selected, the Search button will be grayed out and unusable. In order for the filter to be valid, at least one item muse be selected, but all items can not be selected.

A Best Practice for this issue: when creating the report, and you wish to require the filter be used; toggle the Set All button so that no items are selected and then select the most likely menu item/s that a user would use to run the report. At run-time the user can then modify the selection if needed.