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Browser UI Answer Workspace
Answer ID 9017   |   Last Review Date 04/21/2022

What answer workspace elements are supported by the Browser User Interface?

Browser UI Service and Dynamic Agent Desktop
A  link is provided for each section where additional information is available.

  •  Object Types
    •  Answers
         -  Fields
         -  Relationship Items
         -  Actions
         -  Workspace Controls
         -  HTML Editor
    •  Assets
    •  Contacts
    •  Custom Objects
    •  Incidents
    •  Organizations
    •  Tasks
  • Workspace Elements
    •  Controls
    •  Custom Fields
    •  Fields
    •  Labels
    •  Relationship Items
  • Workspace Rules
  • Agent Scripts
  • Channels
  • Desktop Workflows

NOTE:  The Agent Browser User Interface is only supported for the last five (5) Oracle B2C Service releases for all customers.

* Items in the tables below showing asterisk (*) indicates that detail is not yet supported.


 Name  Type  Browser UI Support   Notes
 Access Level  Access Level Menu  Supported  
 Answer ID  Primary Identifier  Supported  
 Assigned  Answer Assignment  Supported  
 Date Created  Date/Time  Supported  
 Date Last Access  Date/Time  Supported  
 Date Last Notify  Date/Time  Supported  
 Date Last Updated  Date/Time  Supported  
 Display Position  Menu  Supported  
 Escalation Level  Text  Supported  
 Guided Assistance  Guided Assistance  *  
 Keywords  Text  Supported  
 Language  Menu  Supported  
 Last Edited By    Supported  
 Next Notification  Date/Time  Supported  
 Notes  Text  Supported  
 Notify Subscribers  Notification Menu  Supported  
 Publish On  Date/Time  Supported  
 Review On  Date/Time  Supported  
 Rule State  Rule State  Supported  
 Status  Menu  Supported  
 Summary  Text  Supported  


Relationship Items
 Name  Configuration Option  Browser UI Support   Notes
 Answer Notes    Supported  
 Audit Log    Supported  
 Answer Type Container    Supported  
 File Attachments    Supported  Meta-answer file attachments not supported
 Learned Links    Supported  
 Manually Related Answers    Supported  
 Meta-Answer Notes    *  
 Model Questions    *  
 Product and Categories    Supported  Selecting parent only not supported
 Sibling Relationships    Supported  
 Tasks    Supported  



 Action  Browser UI Support   Notes
 Bookmark URL  Supported  Always available and cannot be disabled via workspace configuration.
 Check Links  *  
 Copy  Supported  Basic copy capability only
 Delete  Supported  
 Draft  Supported  
 Expand/Collapse  *  
 Forward  Supported  
 Info  *  
 Links  Supported  
 New  Supported  
 Preview  Supported  
 Print  Supported  
 Publish  Supported  
 Refresh  Supported  
 Save  Supported  
 Save & Close  Supported  
 Spell Check  Supported User-defined dictionaries not supported
 Validate Category Links  *  



Workspace Controls
 Name  Config Options  Browser UI Support   Notes
 Answer Display    Supported  
 Answer Version Display    Supported  
 Banner Flag    Supported  
 Browser    Supported  
 Button    Supported  
 Hyperlink    Supported  
 Image    Supported  
 List Box    Supported  
 Menu    Supported  
 Panel    *  
 Radio Buttons    Supported  
 Report    Supported  
 Script    Supported  
 Spacer    Supported  
 Tab set    Supported  
 Table    Supported  
 Text    Supported  
 Text Box    Supported  
 Title Bar    Supported  


HTML Editor
 Feature  Browser UI Support  Notes
Answer Link Supported  
Conditional Section Supported  
Search Knowledgebase *  
Smart Merge *  


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